Locarno is full of events and festivals all year round. Coming to the city during a major event can really get you involved with the locals and visitors alike.

One of the biggest events of the year is the International Locarno Film Festival which takes place in August. The festival goes on for nearly two weeks and during this time the city is alive with action and full of tourists from all over the world, many there to showcase their work, the rest there to admire it. This is one of the busiest times of the year in Locarno so if interested, booking early is definitely necessary.

Red Bull Energy Drink puts on some very exciting events that should go without saying, are full of energy. As the company is headquartered in neighboring Austria, Switzerland sees many Red Bull Events and Locarno hosts one of the major ones, the Flugtag Competition in August.

In April is the "Camellias at Locarno" an exposition of the Camellia flower, common of Lake Maggiore. Gardeners arrange the flowers in beautiful arrangements and people line up to admire. It marks the entrance of spring as well.

Christmas is also a beautiful time to visit Locarno and many people come to enjoy its beauty and festive spirit in December.