The town of Zermatt is unlike most resort towns anywhere in the world because of the simple fact that personal vehicles are not allowed inside of the town’s limits. People who choose to visit Zermatt should be prepared for a car-free visit, and realize ahead of time that getting from place to place inside of the town must be done on foot, via electro bus or taxi, or by using a horse-drawn carriage.

Zermatt is a small town and almost everything in town can be accessed by walking. However, for anyone who does not want to walk from one end of town to the other, Zermatt has a specialized bus system that is powered by electricity. The busses travel throughout the town and pick up and drop off passengers at designated stop locations. During the winter, a Zermatt ski pass also includes a bus pass.

For a more unique type of ride through town, visitors can choose to ride in horse-drawn carriages. However, bicycles can also be ridden around town, and anyone who does not come to Zermatt with their own personal bicycle can rent one in many of the bike shops in town. Also available for rent are pieces of biking equipment such as helmets and bike trailers to transport children.

Zermatt is equidistant from Zurich and Geneva airports. The Swiss train system is amongst the best in the world (although don't expect too much luxury in second class!). Journey time from Geneva Airport is 3hrs 45 minutes with a change at Visp to get the valley railway up to Zermatt

Zermatt is expensive. There is no getting away from the fact that things seem to cost double what they do in the UK - even McDonalds if your kids force you to go! That being said its one of the places you just have to see and ski. The skiing is based on three main areas. Sunegga, is as the name suggests, generally sunny and has good weather. The Gornergrat has the highest cog railway in Europe and has spectacular views of glaciers. But for all year-round skiing and skiing into Italy (Cervinia) take the Furi cable cars up to over 10,000 feet.

Everyone should try Zermatt once, but if you have kids and are planning to ski, unless you are at least a good intermediate level - save your money. Its difficult, you will have to carry skis for long periods and the lift system is congested - particularly Furi. There are much better resorts to go to e.g. in France that reward you with less stress and to be honest, better food. That being said, if you are a good skier, you have to try Zermatt.