There is much more to Montreux’s culture than Freddie Mercury or the city’s Jazz Festival , though music does define the region to a rather significant extent.

Montreux is a city of history and while the Musée du vieux Montreux offers the visitor a glimpse into the city’s heritage and arts, the CHâteau de Chillon (Chillon Castle) is the city’s historical gem.  The castle was built on a rocky outcrop close to the shore of lake Léman (lake Geneva to the English but Léman to all the Swiss and French around its shores with the notable exception of the people of Geneva!)  the surrounding landscape is dramatic, with high cliffs and serves to complement the elegance of the island structure.  Built in the 11th-12th centuries by the Dukes of Savoy its prison is of great poetic fame thanks to Lord Byron’s The Prisoner of Chillon, written in 1816 about a prisoner called Bonnivard who lived for several years chained to a wall in the building in the early sixteenth century.  

In addition to being a legendary piece of the past and an architectural attraction in its own right, Chillon boasts a collection of medieval artifacts and hosts special exhibitions.   There are special events there for children too which are listed on the Château's website.  Every December on the weekends before Christmas there is a medieval Christmas market inside the château.

A hive of Science, Medicine, and Psychology, the renowned Clinique La Prairie has been a popular with people seeking to improve their health or lifestyle since1931, when it began offering spa and revitalization services in its centre in Clarens on the lakeshore.   Today its services have expanded greatly and visitors and locals alike make frequent stops to the institution for all sorts of therapies.