The High-Moor of the Zugerberg (Mt. Zug)

There is a funicular from the station Schönegg (final station of bus no. 11) to the Zugerberg. It is covered by the Swiss Pass.

Near the mountain top station of the funicular there is a international school (Montana) and the only restaurant along the walk. There are also playgrounds for children a bit apart in direction of Walchwil.

The attractions of this mountain are its moors. There are different places with different kinds of moors.

How does it come, that there were these moors coming in being?

20000 year ago the Reuss glacier covered all the area with ice. A glacier flows like a river (but slowly) and brings stones down from its origin. Only the highest elevations like the Hochwacht where looking out of the ice. The stones which any glacier transports down form huge walls on the sides and at the end of the glacier. You still can see this when you walk along the walking paths in direction of Walchwil.

Watch the different kinds of moors and the different vegetation along them all along this walk.

If you are interested in much more information look at and ask for the brochure “moor landscape Zugerberg” at the Zug tourism office at the Zug railway station.

The whole tour will take you about 3 hours.