The Rhine fall can be seen from both sides, the Laufen castle (Schloss Laufen) side and the Neuhausen side. Easiest to go there by car is take the motorway to the exit RHEINFALL, SCHLOSS LAUFEN and to park on one of the parking spaces close to the Rhine fall. The other option is to drive to Neuhausen and down to the Rhine (signs).

By railway catch the train to go to 'Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall' (you can check connections on

From the railway station go down the stairs and there will be a viewing gallery. This gallery is very near to the falls - it's amazing. Then carry on going down. You will see the platform jutting out which is the other awesome view point.

Take the boat ride to go up the middle rock. Take your time at the top to take in the beauty of it all.

If you like walking, get off from the boat at the other end, and walk all around the waterfall in a clockwise direction. You will cross the railway bridge (it has walkways, take the one on the side of the water fall) where one can get a very different look at the falls. One will end up at the bus stop in about 30 minutes. The railway station is just below the Northern entrance (cross the shop).