Museums not to be missed during a stay in Maastricht include:

  • Bonnefanten Museum ( ) – This is a historical art museum where visitors can go to learn about the fourteenth through eighteen centuries in the area via the creative products coming out of Holland at that time.  It also contains some contemporary art work for travelers interested in staying up to date about Maastricht ’s creative side.
  • Centre Ceramique – Known by many as “just a library”, this building is frequently the site of art and archaeology exhibits.
  • Natural History Museum ( ) – This museum is exactly what it sounds like – a historical museum which uses information about the nature in the area over time to help visitors understand the area better.  People of all ages can enjoy exploring the fossils and other exhibits displayed here.
  • Roman Baths Museum – The Roman Baths were an important part of the history of ancient Rome and therefore also an important part of the history of Maastricht .  The museum has been constructed on the site of some of those baths and visitors shouldn’t miss this opportunity to learn more about them while exploring them first-hand.
  • Spanish Government Museum – Once home to Queen Isabelle of Portugal , this historic building now depicts what some residences looked like during the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries.
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