Eindhoven has a vibrant performing arts scene and has several venues for musical, dance, and theatrical performances.

The Parktheater (previously known as Stadsschouwburg Theatre) hosts theatrical, dance, ballet, opera, cabaret, and musical performances.

The Frits Philips Music Center  is considered to be one of the top music performance halls in Europe. Many different types of music are played within the two venues within the center, including jazz, classical, folk, rock, and pop music.

The Het Zuidelijk Toneel is a large repertory company based in Eindhoven that performs both in the Netherlands and in Flanders.

The Philips Symphony Orchestra  is an amateur/semi-professional orchestra that performs throughout the year in Eindhoven (and internationally as well.)

The Effenaar is a venue that, along with a number of other art ventures, seeks to gain the interest of young people in the arts, media, and culture. It hosts a.o. pop/rock concerts, dance venues and comedy nights.

The Klokgebouw is a previous factory hall, now hosting dance venues, as well as theatre and muscial performances.