Though Delft is a smaller city, there are still museums and attractions worth checking out. The first thing you should head to is Oude Kerk , also known as Old Church. There are some memorable historic figures buried here, including Piet Pieterszoon Hein, Johannes Vermeer, and Anthony van Leeuwenhoek. These men were important in Dutch history. The next place that you should head to is Nieuwe Kerk , which was built between 1381 and 1496. The Dutch royal family burial vault is in this church, and when there is no funeral, there is a 5000 kg stone blocking the vault. Prinsenhof is another interesting place to visit. This was at one time the Princes' Court, but it is now a museum. Another interesting place to visit if you are into history is Oostpoort , also known as the Eastern Gate. This gate was built around 1400, and is the last remaining gate from the old city walls. These are just some of the interesting places to visit while in Delft, but there are many other cool spots to check out while you are in town also.