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La Place Le Marche at Vroom & Dressmann is a self service buffet style eatery with views from top floors. Suitable for families and anyone on a budget. Salad bar by plate size and plenty of choice. Easily eat for less than Euro 10.

DimDaily Rodezand 48, Tel 0102809026 Wide choice of noodle dishes and dim sum - about Euro 7 or less. Busy takeaway and sit in place in central location. Open 7 days a week between 12.00 and 21.00hrs.

Kentucky Fried Chicken  Binnenwegplein 68, Centrum, Rotterdam Telefoon (010 414 58 55 / Fax (010) 414 46 33 open 10.00-23.00 11.00-23.00

Check out http://www.iens.nl/restaurantsVan/Rot...  for links to restaurant websites in Rotterdam.

Granny's Grill Steak House is a great place to eat in Rotterdam, located in the Port area of Westerstraat. They have an extensive menu of Grilled Meat, Steak, Ribs & Chicken. Steaks come grilled to perfection with a variety of sauces, frites and delicious side salad. Dutch & Belguim Beers are served in traditional Jugs add to the taste. Friendly Staff offer help and guidance with the menu. Prices are excellent value approx 17Euro and portions are large

Granny's Grill
Westerstraat 75

Most supermarkets have a selection of prepared food that can easily be turned into a meal without need for a kitchen, however be aware that opening hours may be limited in the early morning, evening and weekend.