You can cruise the river and canals out of  Antwerp in either direction towards Amsterdam or Brussels with a  variety of river cruise companies. For more than a 1 day excursion - from expertise, have a look at , and to be balanced Saga River Cruises provide cruises for passengers 50 years and over. Thomson [] also run river boats up and down the river.

Contact  Antwerp Tourist Office  for more info on river cruise companies.

Maps, review and information about an Antwerp to Brussels river cruise with easycruisetwo .  Because the cruise boats are not always in the same place you will not find them listed as attractions or hotels on Tripadvisor. Further subjective information can be found in the forums.

Enthusiasts of canal/river systems and watching birds will find attractions and sights along the cruise route. There is also a windmill village on the flat lands at Kinderdijkon the left hand side of the boat on the way into Rotterdam . The boats are an attraction along the river attracting the attention of locals and tourists alike as they navigate through a complexity of locks, bridges and other engineered systems.