This city's oldest building, built between 1200 and 1225, used to house the National Maritime Museum. It has been transformed now into a special place for children. A real castle where they can stimulate their imagination: a place for young thinkers, dreamers and doers. The former Het Steen Museum is called now "HETSTEEN der wijzen" which translates as the castle of wisdom. Children are always full of questions, they dream and fantasize. In this castle they may come 'work' or 'research'. The basement is equipped as a laboratory to do experiments like generating a rainbow, create animations, etc. The results of these workshops then move to a living exhibition where everyone can come and have a look.

This new "HETSTEEN der wijzen" was opened on 19th May 2012. Accessible to the public from Tuesday till Sunday for workshops and free visits with the school or with family. 

HETSTEEN der wijzen website.