Antwerp offers many attractions to families who travel with kids. If your family likes outdoor activities, rent bikes and ride in the historical center or to the neighboring country side (there are some beautiful lakes where you can make a picnic). The kids will enjoy riding along the river Scheldt (try the left bank and you will enjoy a magnificent view of the city) or to one of the beautiful parks: the Sandspur (near the center), the Koning Albert park, the Platentuin, the Rivierenhof, the Boelaerpark, and many others.

Something that the kids will get crazy about is the extensive variety of sweet products: cakes, chocolate, lollypops, ice-cream, waffles. Sitting at a café will be an eye opener: candy is not only about unwrapping and taking a candy into the mouth. Kids will delight at the vision of the imaginative designs on cakes and cookies and pastries. Not only will candy keep them quiet, at least for a while, but cafes offer painting and drawing activities that will keep them busy. If you are worried that they won’t sleep and become restless, grab the bikes and take them across the city.

If you prefer a more structured activity, Antwerp houses one of the most popular and biggest zoos of the world. This place will delight the little and the older ones. The zoo houses more than 5,000 animals. Expect to spend almost a day, it is not only the animals that the kids will enjoy, but also there is a playground where children can actually touch some small animals. Adults can enjoy the gardens with colorful flowers.