A main part of Antwerp’s nightlife is about bar and cafe touring. Drinking, and eating, are essential parts of the everyday life of Antwerp dwellers and the visitors are invited every night to join the fun and the great environment that the bars offers. There are bars for every taste and so you will surely find the one, or the ones, that will better suit you, and your partner. Bars and cafes are named indistinctly and they are superb partying spots.

The Historical Center, the 't Zuid, that is the Southern District and the Latin District are the most popular neighborhoods where you'll find your fit. Walk around, there will be many other locals and visitors that share your quest. Bars and cafes open generally after 11 pm.

Some of the bars worth trying are Cafe d'Anvers, it opens Friday and Saturday and offer drum and bass music; Cafe Local, located at Waalse Kaai 25, it sets the party with Salsa, disco and R&B music; Red & Blue, for the gay crowd, on Saturdays only men are allowed; Cafe Capital, with different styles of music, De Cinema, at Lange Brilstraat 12, DJs play black dance grooves; and Axxes, with Salsa.