Frituur 't Stad
Address: Melkmarkt 1, 2000 Antwerpen

This is a traditional 'frituur': a small diner focusing primarily on french fries with a myriad of condiments and snacks such as burgers and the typically Belgian "frikadel special" (a type of sausage with kethcup, mayonaise and chopped onions). An order of fries is usually somewhere between 2 and 3 euro, depending on the size. Snacks range from 2 to 4 euro. Condiments are under 1 euro. Not exactly healthy, but definitely delicious.

Address: St-Paulusplaats 20 , 2000 Antwerpen

The tag line says it all: the place for ribs. This quaint restaurant serves all-you-can-eat spareribs for under 15 euro. The amazing sauce that comes with the baked potatoes is to die for. The organization could be better, but the food is fantastic.