Royal Museums of Art and History 

The Royal Museums of Art and History is located at Parc du Cinquantenaire 10, 1000 Brussels. 



This museum has archaeological collections from Greece, Egypt, the Near East, Iran, China, the Islamic world, and Pre-Columbian art. There is a very good selection of European decorative art that ranges from Romanesque art to Art Deco. There are tapestries, retables, glass, and liturgical art.


The façade of the building.


There is a room where all the objects are heart shaped and were donated to churches to honor the Virgin Mary.


The middle of the museum is a medieval cloister.


This is the Reliquary Head of Pope Alexander and was made in 1145.


This stained glass window was made in Germany in 1230.


This is a copy of a Greek discuss thrower.



The most unusual piece in the museum was this Chinese bed with built in armoires. It looks like a little playhouse.