Wondering where and what to eat?  Then you happen along a path or you are in the center of town & you just pick a restaurant. Because that’s part of the travel adventure just going with your gut or better yet your empty stomach! Follow your nose, check out the menu or if all else fails sit wherever your tired feet are ready to give up on you.

La Brouette Restaurant

Flemish Pot w/Kwak Beer & Pelligrino Water

At the Grand Place, sits a few restaurants. One great restaurant to get warm, people watch & enjoy authentic Belgian beers is La Brouette at Grote Market 2-3 Grand Place Brussel 1000 Bruzelles.  Try their Flemish Pot, potato stew and that will quickly warm you up. Wash it down with Kwak Beer and get to use the unique holder. Reasonably priced and service without the smile. A quaint establishment its location will encourage you to sit and relax.  You can be outside or inside and near a window to do some people watching which will make for an entertaining afternoon/evening!


You may have heard of the famous restaurant row of Belgium located at Rue de Bouchers.  Some may tell you not to walk down this path because each establishment will try to haggle you into entering their restaurant.  Haggle and you may get a discount or some free wines. The mussels and frits here are delicious. Besides the famous seafoods of Belgium you get to choose from different delicacies without having to walk around town.  This is the true travel experience, and possibly a meal that will live in your heart forever!

Dinner Entree! YUM!

Another great find is about a 20 minute walk from the Grand Place.  A French restaurant, that you will fall in love with. Not because of its delicious food, but because of its service. You will be treated as if you are the only one in the restaurant! Because of this you will just keep ordering food and wine. Le Petrus, Place du Samedi 14. 1000 Bruxelles.  Tele: 02 219 25 08.