The Western Cemetery (Westerbegraafplaats) is the most import one out of 18 Ghent cemeteries. It's a landscaped garden inaugurated in 1873 and was the first neutral cemetery that offered a resting place to all convictions with a complete freedom of choice of the personal tombstone. This results in a big individual diversity integrated in one garden. A romantic parc setting combines graves in all kind of architectural styles. Probably the most beautiful one shows a greyhound (by animal sculptor Domien INGELS) mourning his master. The monument to the Allies of World War One by Carl DE C0CK is a huge art deco structure from 1924. And a bit further away, the Germans erected in 1917 a monument for the victims of the LZ 37 Zeppelin. The exact location is Palinghuizen 143 and that's quite close to the Guislain Museum.

Western Cemetery - Westerbegraafplaats