If you arrive into Brussel Midi on the Eurostar from the UK and intend to head on to Brugge (Bruges), you will now need to purchase such travel when purchasing the Eurostar ticket - that is, to include rail travel within Belgium.  This ticket does not include the international Thalys trains nor the international [German] ICE trains. 

For the latest train timetables you can check here: http://www.b-rail.be/main/E/, or you can check at the train station. The journey to Bruges takes an hour, and trains leave every half hour - but it's quite a long walk between platforms, so allow 5 or 10 minutes for the interchange. 

Once you arrive in Bruges, it's a 20 minute walk into the centre of town. Many of the streets are cobbled and the sidewalks are quite narrow, so a wheeled suitcase won't be quite the asset you'd expect, thus if you have luggage it makes sense to take the shortest route to your hotel - as you'll discover, all the streets in Bruges are pretty! 

However for the most scenic route, when you leave the station cross over the main ring-road onto Oostmeers, then take the path that follows the canal round and eventually joins up with Katelijnevest.  Follow this road until you reach Katelijnestraat, here take a left and follow this road up to the square.  Once you get to the square head right along Steenstraat to the Market square, which is pretty much smack bang in the middle of Bruges. 

When you return back to Brussels Midi look for trains heading to Brussel. Brussel is not the final destination for trains departing from Bruges, so on the screens you will spot a second city behind Brussels. Don't worry, all trains stop in Brussels-South ("Midi" in French or "Zuid" in Dutch), Brussels Central and Brussels North. People for the Eurostar need Brussels-South which is the first station in Brussels. Again trains leave every half hour (at xx.35 and xx.58) and take an hour. Mind: most people need to be at the Eurostar terminal at least 30 min. in advance to do the check-in! Add some extra time  in case the train to Brussels is delayed. So it's best to leave Bruges two hours prior to your Eurostar departure. 

If you are travelling from Ashford (having driven there), DO NOT pre-pay your car park fee as there is no financial advantage and it will cause much inconvenience on your return. In order to have your ticket validated, you will have to find the car park office which is NOT in the terminal building. It is much better to pay at the ticket machines in the entrance foyer - just ensure you have enough cash if paying by that means.