Bruges Markt is a large square in the centre of town surrounded by dozens of tourist-oriented gift shops and restaurants. Highlights include the TinTin store and a store where you can buy a beer glass from each Belgian brewery.

Brugges Market is surrounded by hundreds of little gift shops and tourist nooks. The square is also filled with restaurants. Given the location, it isn't surprising that these restaurants cater almost exclusively to the tourist. Not necessarily a bad thing, as you do tend to get an easily navigable menu, often fixed price for 3 reasonable courses, and in about 6 languages! Just don't expect great dining and watch out for 'extras' (such as a 7 euro Bearnaise sauce!) More authentic and better value restaurants abound just a street ot two back from the square - get some local recommendations from your hotel.

There is also a large local market every Wednesday, and at 11am you can hear the free carillon concert from the Belfort.  You can climb the 366 steps to the top if you're feeling energetic.

The "thing to do" seems to be a horse and carriage guided tour of the town. For 50 euros, you can go for half an hour. After watching the same horses stand in the square and trot around town all day, this seems over rated. The town is small enough to walk.

Bruges is the Banff of Europe. Known by all, and somewhat pricey. Skip this stop if you are looking for an "off the beaten track" trip.

Other highlights: half hour by rented bicycle to the coast and beaches!! do this instead of more souvenir shoppes.