Try Brussels instead of Amsterdam to fly in from USA

If you’re flying in from the States, flying into Brussels and driving to Brugge works well. You can use a car for out of town trips but once there, walked and biked. The trip took about 90 min to get to Brugge from Brussels National Airport and it was a very simple, straight trip. You just follow the E40 towards Ostend/Ghent. 

Brugge is difficult to navigate by car (a lot of one-way streets), so have a good map ready when you enter the city. Stopping for directions is always an option, as the good people of Flanders are very kind and helpful.

If you drive to Brugge, park your car at the train station, then present your car park ticket to the bus ticket agent at the building in front of the station and you will get a free bus pass for you and your passengers, good for all buses in Brugge until midnight of the day of your arrival.  Best of all, parking at the train station is only € 2,50 / day. Parkings inside the touristic part are € 8,70/ day.

Brugge is also convenient by train, as it houses a lovely train station near the city center.

If you're arriving at Zaventem / Brussels Airport:
The railway station is located underneath the airport. You first have to take the (Airport shuttle ) train from Brussels Airport to Brussels North( OR, one of the other two main railway stations Brussel Central or Brussel Midi (in French) Brussel Zuid (south) in Dutch). This takes about 10 to 15 minutes. In Brussels North ( OR, from other two stations as mention above) you can catch a direct train to Bruges. This will take about 1 hour.

There are two trains per hour leaving from Brussels to Bruges (keep in mind that the time table screen will show you the end stations; Oostende or Blankenberge or Knokke-Heist). To know the exact schedule go to (website available in English).

You can also book private door-to-door transfers with with an English speaking driver. This company provides direct transfer services to any hotels in Bruges and other destinations.

If you're arriving at Charleroi Airport:
There are 3 ways you can travel from this airport to Bruges:

1) take the bus (Voyages Lelan) from Charleroi Airport to Brussels-South/Midi and from Brussels-South/Midi you take a direct train to Bruges
Travel time: 2h15 (train 1h15 + bus 1h)
Price: € 16,00 one-way (train + bus) (2010 info)
For sale: Charleroi Airport
Info: Voyages Lelan and NMBS…


2) take a public transportation bus (TEC) from Charleroi Airport to Charleroi-South ( Only one public bus drives from/to Charleroi Airportand from Charleroi-South you take a train to Bruges (change trains in Brussels-Souht/Midi)
Travel time: 2h35 (train 1h55 + bus 40min)
Price: € 11,00 one-way (train + bus) (2010 info)
For sale: Charleroi Airport. Bus A. latest fare is 5euros/trip) Timetable TEC bus: Monday – Friday: every 30 min / weekend: every hour
Info: TEC et NMBS…

3) book a direct private transfer from Charleroi Airport to your hotel in Bruges with
Travel time: 1h40
Price: € 170 car, € 175 minibus
For sale: