Compared to cities like New York, Paris, London and Beijing, Bruges is nothing more than a large village. This is partly why Bruges is so very charming. Most things are within walking distance, but if you need to use public transportation there is only one option: taking the bus. There are no subways or trams. 

Multi-ticket saves money

For the city buses you can buy a multi-journey ticket / ten rides pass for 9 euros (price in August 2013), instead of paying 1,30 euro per trip. The ticket can be used by two people - it just has to be stamped twice, or the driver will set the computer to take two fares. It is valid for the whole town and can be used to go to Damme, although this trip is a bit more expensive than within the city.  

There is a bus office just outside the rail station where you can buy tickets and where you can also get a map of bus routes.  The bus company has a website (, which is available in Dutch, English, French and German. 

If you want to travel by bus from the railway station to the Market square it will take you about 5 minutes. During the week there is a bus every 10 minutes leaving from the railway station. All of the buses that have CENTRUM written on top of the bus go to the Market. If you take one of these buses you'll find that the Market square is the third bus stop. To go back from the centre to the railway station you can catch your bus, marked STATION, at the library just behind the Market square.