Looking for a cheap place to have a snack in Brugge if you're out shopping?

There's a department store called Hema and if you go upstairs there's a restaurant which offers terrific value for money.  They do Tea/Coffee with a cake/croissant for €1.00 and Tea.Coffee with a filled baguette for €3.00.  They also have soups, hamburgers and other hot food and a good selection of cakes, it really is terrific value for money. 

There are lots of restaurants doing "Specials" of 3 course meals in the evening ranging from €16.00 upwards.  "La Cucina" restaurant has a "special" menu for €16.00 which consists of Minestrone soup, Steak with Spaghetti with a balsamic sauce for the steak and Tiramisu for dessert...The meal is delicious and again very good value for money and the staff at the restaurant were very friendly. 

Pizza Hut do a 3 course meal for €11.95 which is Tomato soup or Chicory soup a choice of pizzas for main course and icecream or profiteroles for dessert.... so you see it is possible to eat cheaply and well in Brugge.