Why should you use Airport Transfers?

There are several ways to get from Faro Airport to your accommodation.

- Local taxi

- Local Bus

- Shared Transfers / Shuttle

- Pre-booked transfers

This article will help you to understand why should you use a pre-booked transfer:

1. Local Taxis - They're exactly the same of the pre-booked transfers, they transport you from the airport directly to your accommodation door, with no extra stops, the inconvenience of getting this type of transfer is that they are much more expensive than a pre-booked transfer, you'll pay more for almost the same service ( and you'll have no access to baby/child seats )

2. Local Bus - The hardest way to get to your destination ( not to say impossible!!! ). They pass trough the airport each 30 minutes ( more or less ). But first you'll be transported to Faro Bus Station at Faro City, after you'll need to check the schedule for your next Bus, for most of the cities there are 2 or 3 buses every day, cheaper but very hard to get to your destination.

3. Shared Transfers / Shuttle - Cheaper than a pre-booked transfer - But, be aware, most part of the year you'll have to wait with the cround in the line to get in the bus/ vehicle. It can be a long time until you enter the vehicle. Then, you'll travel trough the Algarve with multiple stop's it can be a long journey until you reach your destination.

4. Pre-booked transfers - The best choice, you pre-book your transfer online, insert your personal information and your flight details. On the day of your arrival a driver will be waiting for you at Faro Airport arrival's hall with a sign with your name on it.

He will transport you directly to your destination with no extra-stops. On the day of your departure he will be waiting at your accommodation door at the pre-arranged time, ready to transport you to the airport. You can request, baby & child seats ( some of the companies charge for this as an extra ).

Transportation Companies 

Tripadvisor offers a list of companies providing Airport Transfers at Faro Airport, rated by real users, check the list at:



Albufeira's railway station is in Ferreiras, some 6km/4 miles from town. It is therefore not a practicable option except perhaps for those staying in Ferreiras. Train times at www.algarvebus.info/006.htm local taxis are available at the station. Rail fare is €3,30. Taxi from station into town €7 - €10 depending on destination and time of day. Local bus runs every 30 minutes costing €1,40 but this only goes to the bus station, which is a mile (1.6km) from the town. Transfer to another bus is necessary for the tourist hotel areas and old town. Same ticket can be used.

 Faro railway station is in the city centre. The local bus from the airport stops there, but runs only twice an hour at best.  More information about times and alternatives at www.algarvebus.info/003.htm

There are no direct buses from the airport to anywhere except Faro city centre - and Faro beach!  Faro Bus Station  is in the city centre, the local bus from airport end its journey there.

 The bus journey from the airport to Albufeira via Faro can be time consuming, especially at weekends when buses are very infrequent. Also, many of the tourist hotel areas are not on the bus route.

For bus times Faro - Albufeira go to www.algarvebus.info/002s.htm bus fare is €4,70 and note that most buses do not have space for very large bags. The LAST BUS FROM FARO TO ALBUFEIRA is at 1940 on weekdays, 1845 on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.


Taxi from the airport to Albufeira or v.v is the most easy way to go to anywhere but for longer journeys the most expensive. They run by a meter, so forget about beeing ripped off and just ask to go through shorter way and avoid A22 (it is longer through motor way and you have to pay the tolls, but it's quicker). The drivers they know what they are doing and they will find any place you want, for sure. This service is private and door to door. The official Faro Airport guide shows taxi price to Albufeira as €45 (weekdays, daytime), €55 (after 8 PM weeekdays, all day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) and about 20% more if a six seater taxi is needed. Remember values are just an average. Could be less (Albufeira, Olhos d'agua - 40€) or could be more (albufeira, marina 65€). Always depend on distance (meter)

CAR HIRE (May also be an option)




Auto Prudente