The southwestern most region in Portugal, the Algarve is a favorite European holiday destination, attracting tourists for the abundant sun, surf and sand. The beaches are sandy, rising out of the Atlantic Ocean forming steep cliffs that make for impressive views to see off into forever and beyond.

The weather is actually quite mild thanks to the warm Atlantic currents that move up from the Gulf of Mexico. This makes for excellent swimming during and water activities during the summer months, and spares the south coast of Portugal from anything resembling a harsh winter.

Summers in the Algarve around Lagos can be dry and warm, with long periods of sunshine. While there are occasional summer rains, the months from June through August are typically the driest. And the summer heat usually last well into the autumn months, and this gives Lagos a longer season for tourism as a result. The winters are never truly cold but the Atlantic does bring a damp chill, especially as the time from November to March can be the rainiest time of he year. The springs can also be a pleasant time to visit, which will let you beat the crowds and still enjoy the scenic ocean views while taking in the area’s unique culture.