Cascais visitors have very little to worry about in terms of their own personal safety during a vacation in the area.  This is primarily because Cascais is such a tourist-oriented area that it is not heavily populated with the type of locals who may pose threats to travelers and it is small enough to be off the radar of major international political issues.  In fact, the biggest danger to travelers is actually probably themselves.

Luckily, even Cascais travelers who manage to pose a risk to themselves generally don’t cause themselves any problems worse than sunburn.  Travelers are reminded that the sun can be harsh, and they should wear sunscreen at all times.  This is particularly true of travelers who are using walking and bicycling to get around the area ( ) because they may not realize exactly how much time they are spending in the sun.

Occasionally, of course, greater tragedies do happen in the area.  One of the major problems falling in to this category is danger associated with nature adventures.  Even hiking can be a bit dangerous, as most people who hike in Cascais hike along the cliffs which border the water.  These cliffs can be steep and rocky and hikers are strongly reminded to pay great attention to what they are doing while they are out adventuring.