Travelers often find that it is useful to visit the local tourist office of their travel destination upon arrival in the area.  This is often the best place to get up-to-date information about local events, news, attractions and entertainment which can sometimes affect a traveler’s itinerary.  Travelers seeking to make use of this option for Cascais have two places to go to do so.

The first is the Tourist Information Center for Cascais itself.  This office is easy to find, as it is located right in the heart of Casicas, in a noticeable yellow building.  The building was once a residence, so travelers may mistake it, at first glance, for a house, but keeping an eye out for the “TURISMO” sign it holds should prevent that problem.  The center has brochures on hand as well as customer service staff who can answer any specific questions about the area.

In addition to the Cascais Tourist Information Center, travelers can get information about Cascais at the Lisbon Tourist Information Center.   This is often useful because travelers frequently reach Cascais via Lisbon, so obtaining information in Lisbon can give them some advance notice about any changes they need to make to their itinerary before they even reach the area.   Additional tourist board information for Lisbon is available at .