Though it is the most popular time of year for travelers to head to Cascais, summer travel is strongly discouraged for all tourists except those who really like to spend sweltering days at overpriced attractions amidst throngs of people.   Okay, it’s not really that bad.  The summer days can be uncomfortably warm, but summer nights are basically cool.  Even during the day, the beaches of the area make the heat bearable.  And summer visitor’s seeking a multi-hour escape from the heat can get themselves out and about, hiking to the top of Sintra’s Mountain to experience cooler temperatures.

Despite the fact that the weather is bearable, visitors planning their trips should know that summer really is not the idyllic time for heading to the area.  It is the busy tourist season, so attractions are crowded.  Prices are also often raised in accordance with supply and demand.  Visitors who are able to take their Cascais trips in the spring or the autumn will find that it is much less expensive to go at that time and the weather is generally nice.  The one drawback is that those seasons are much more likely to have rain than the summer months; the latter hardly ever have any rain at all.

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