The public transportation system in Cascais is a basic above-ground bus system.  It is relatively new, reflecting the fact that tourism in the area has been increasing steadily over time, with definite growth in recent years.  Because it is new, and also because it is designed primarily to meet the needs of the influx of travelers in the area, it is up-to-date and comfortable, with air conditioning and roomy seating.  Its cost, however, does not reflect its modernity, as fares are basically inexpensive.  For example, the cost of a one-way trip is only .70 euro which is less than $1.  Travelers can also opt to buy multi-destination and multi-day passes to further decrease the cost of travel.

This bus system is known as the seven seven, referring to the goal of the buses to make seven stops every seven minutes.  Averaging one stop per minute, the bus manages to cover its territory quickly and gets travelers to most destinations they would like to go.

What travelers should know about public transportation in Cascais, however, is that it is never really necessary to use it to get around.  Cascais is small enough that walking and bicycling are highly preferred over bus travel.  (See for more information.)