The nightlife in Cascais consists of those bars and clubs which are most popular among tourists and those places which are frequented more by locals.  There are seven major bars frequented by travelers – see for a list of those locations.  In terms of places which are less well-known, the top pick is Chequers International Pub which is an English-style drinking spot favored more by Americans than Brits.  Visitors seeking to mingle with the locals will probably find Picolo Bar to be the top spot for doing so.  For travelers seeking a more active dance club which is somewhat off-the-beaten-path, Tamariz is the top pick.  Visitors who don’t mind spending a little money to see a bit of the local nightlife will want to make it a point to stop at Blue Swing ( where, for a cover fee, there is frequent live entertainment and a pleasant drinking atmosphere.

Cascais travelers are reminded that though there is plenty to keep them occupied at night in Cascais, the city is located just thirty kilometers away from Lisbon which is considered one of the world’s nightlife capitals in terms of unique offerings of interest to travelers.  More information for those travelers who may wish to make a night trip to Lisbon is available at .