There are different options for the Cascais traveler who wishes to spend some time in the area doing local shopping.  None of the options are necessarily any better than the others; they merely offer different ways of experiencing the local shopping scene so travelers should have a sense of what their own shopping style is before selecting where to shop in the area.

For the bargain shopper:  For the bargain shopper you will find small "shacks" by the beach that sell local stuff as well as vendors along the walking street. Here you can try to bargain for items and probably get a good deal. However you will find that not only there is a huge variety of items but prices are pretty much the same wherever. As for street shops, you will find amazing quality and variety around downtown Cascais. Please check Av. Valbom and Rua Frederico Arouca (Rua Direita). You will find many shops over there, those selected by foreigners. Check around Largo de Camoes also. Obviously not a place to bargain but with a huge selection from clothes, shoes, perfumes, top brands to household items and gift shops too.


For the book lover:   Cascais visitors who love to read should try to time their visit to the area with the semi-annual book market which takes place there each year.   This is a particularly good time to pick up English-language books in the area, which are considerably less expensive at the market than at local stores.   These travelers should be sure to check out for ideas of what to read before heading to the area. Galileu bookshop (Valbom St.) sells a careful selection of touristical books and is quite devoted to the english-speaking clientele. While you are here at Galileu, do not miss out on the best icecream ever - SANTINI. It is open April through November and its a MUST.

For the name brand shopper:  Cascais Villa is a small shopping located nearby the train station but has nothing interesting to buy. The modern (not so modern but the best) shopping mall where travelers can go is Cascais Shopping located in Alcabideche. Just drive direction to Sintra and you will find it on the right side. Many shops, restaurants and cinemas.