Top Budget Visitors:

Drive to Guincho and on the left side of the road you will see some nice restaurants. Those are the top from Cascais and probably Portugal. Mostly expensive, from 30 to 75 per person, you can get a romantic lunch or dinner with your partner, with a scenic view over the sea.

Medium Budget Visitors:

In the Cascais Marina  you will find a good variety of restaurants, Gordinni (for meat and pizza), Mercearia Vencedora (for meat) or La Brasserie de L'Entrêcote (meat). Prices should go on between 15 and 25 per person. Portugalia or Lusitania have good steaks for cheap prices around 10 euro per person. All of them have nice views to marina and boats, better views if upstairs.


Low Budget Visitors:

Low budget visitors can go on dining along the promenade between Cascais and Estoril, along the sea. While you walk along the sea you will have some nice restaurants serving food and fish for low prices, also having hamburgers, steaks, etc. Prices should start up at 5 euro per person and not more than 20.


All of those places are also recommended for lunch, as views are stunning.