Unlike most travel destinations, Fatima doesn’t have an entire season during which the area is most busy.  Instead, Fatima has two specific dates of the year, the thirteenth of May and the thirteenth of October, when nearly every traveler who heads to the area makes their way there.  For this reason, travelers interested in heading to the area specifically for that reason will plan to go on one (or both) of those two days.

However, travelers who wish to experience more of the area than just that one experience may find that the time in between those two dates is better.  They can catch one of the two major events, but then they can also see what the city is like when there are not hundreds of people milling about, filling the streets and the sites.   The contrast is striking, because when the travelers leave, the streets virtually empty out.  Accommodations will be easier to find at this time, and they will likely be available at a much cheaper rate.

Fatima has fairly average Portugal weather ( http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g18... ).