The following information is an 2014 update from earlier posts as well as an input by a Lisbon taxi company.

At Lisbon airport arrivals, there are about 150 taxis (part of approx. 3400 taxis in Lisbon). Unfortunately it's true that some taxi drivers operating at Lisbon airport try to cheat customers.

Some information:

The initial rate is € 3.25 (daytime) and € 3.90 (night time and weekends)

The meter always shows the total fare as well as extras for luggage (1.60€ for all the luggage that fits in the trunk, NOT per piece). 

If a taxi is called by phone/internet (0.80€). The only charges that are not included on the meter are tolls (you also have to pay the return toll) and parking costs.

The meter doesn´t charge only distance, but also waiting time (0.10 for each 24sec).

The night and weekend surcharge (around 20%) is already included on the meter with no intervention of the driver!

A taxi from the airport to a hotel in the city centre, can cost from € 8-9  up to € 16-17. It depends on the vehicle.  There are taxis that have a yellow sticker in the front windshield and left rear door, indicating that taxi capacity is for more than 4 passengers and the prices are 30% higher. And this is not only for big vans like Mercedes Vito, but a simple Dacia Logan or some Mercedes E class have place for 6 passengers, even if you don't see the extra seats (usually hidden under the floor). This means that from Airport to Belem hotels the charge could be about 20€ at night or weekends, or about 16€ to a city centre hotel.

For travel outside Lisbon do take into consideration that the fares are based on the fact that the taxi has to return to Lisbon.

Good practices:


- Always ask the approx. price for destination.

- Make sure that the meter is always running.

- There are not any "airport supplements".

- If any doubts about the price, upon arrival at the hotel just ask a doormen or the receptionist to check if the price makes sense.

The tourist information desk in the airport arrivals hall sells taxi vouchers.

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