The Oceanarium

They built the Oceanarium when they had their Expo 98, in a redeveloped area of the waterfront. The Oceanarium is probably the biggest aquarium in Europe now. The main tank is very impressive for its huge size and you can see views of it from many different levels. It is impressive to see all the sea life swimming together, and one cannot understand how the bigger fish, like the sharks, do not eat the smaller fish! The Oceanarium shows how each ocean of the world looks like. In a smaller exhibit, one sees penguins, which are quite enjoyable to see. There is another exhibit of two sea otters from California, and these two are the hits of the show because they are forever swimming and cavorting. Inside the building of the Oceanarium, it is a bit dark, but one just follows the arrows to see everything. The explanations are very educational and seeing this huge aquarium is very enjoyable for all ages. One can just take a taxi from downtown and it does not cost much to go here.