Lisbon - calm, scenic view

Lisbon, like Rome, is build on 7 hills and the views of Lisbon from some of these hills are awesome.

A fairly unknown place is named  Senhora do Monte. It has a magnificient view over downtown Lisbon, towards the castle, the river and Belem in the distant. And the most beatiful thing about this place is it's little known. There is no café or bar  just a little park with some benches, a tiled map explaining some of the interesting points you can see and a figure of Mary.

The locals come here and it takes a little efforts - When riding tram 28 from downtown take one stop further than Lago da Graca (Graca square) - or if the tram ends on Graca Square follow the tracks some 250 m. On your left hand you will find a smaller street (and if your are lucky you spot the sign Miradouro just on the corner with a bank). The street name is also Monte - and you have to climb this pass a shop selling fish and some bars - but you are rewarded with a great view, cool wind and a nice place to relax.