Lisbon airport is about 6 miles/9km  from the city centre.


NB Low cost and some other flights may depart from Lisbon Airport Terminal 2. This has NO direct public transport links except a free shuttle bus from outside terminal 1, near the metro and bus stops. Allow at least 15 extra minutes if your flight leaves from terminal 2.

To travel from Lisbon Airport to the centre of the city, it may be quicker and will certainly be cheaper to take the metro, as it is  connected to the red line, taking you to Saldanha station (financial center of Lisbon) in just 15 minutes and the city centre (a change of line is needed) in about 25 minutes. You can connect to all of the three other metro lines fron the red line, getting you just about anywhere in the city. You can buy the one-way ticket for 1.40 € or the daily pass (which allows you to use the metro, bus, trams and some trains) for 6€. Both types of tickets are issued on rechargeable green viva viagem cards so don't throw them away

 Metro trains run every few minutes from 0600hrs to 0100hrs daily.

 Lisbon Metro (subway) website

Item : be prepared for long queues / lines when arriving at the airport.  There are not enough ticket machines at the station and only one ticket window with a human. On a recent Sunday afternoon a 15 minute wait was required to even to get to ticket machine! And try to ignore the helpful locals who will 'assist' you in using the machines and expect to be tipped for it.


You can queue for taxis outside the arrivals exit, but the queues can be quite long, especially when a busy flight has come in, or several have arrived around the same time. The line is kept fair and under control in a "corral" type way and you take the taxi which is next in the line. You can obtain a Taxi Voucher for a small extra charge from the Tourist Information desk, however the cost is €23. Without a Taxi Voucher, a taxi to the centre of Lisbon can cost from around €10-20 - depending on the traffic situation and there is a surcharge of €-,80 per piece of luggage. On the other hand, if you take the escalator on arrival and go to the departures, you have a huge number of taxis just waiting to pick up passengers and usually they charge less than at the arrivals.



Buses - city bus maps, timetables and more information in English at


Special Airport Buses towards the city centre and Financial District

These are operated by Yellowbus and are not part of the city network. Normal city bus tickets and passes are not valid.

 Yellowbus website page for full details including list of places served

The buses used on the Aerobus services have large luggage racks inside.  These are limited stop buses. They have screens inside showing the next stopping place etc and only in English!

Aerobus 1 departs from outside the Arrivals Hall, a little further away from the Taxi Rank. It stops at Entrecampos (for the railway station), Saldanha, Marquês de Pombal, Avenida da Liberdade, Rossio and ends at the Cais do Sodré railway station.

 Departures from the Airport - weekdays - from 0700hrs to 2320hrs every 20 minutes

 Departures from the Airport - Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - from 0700hrs to 2250hrs every 25 minutes.

 From Cais do Sodré to the airport - weekdays - from 0740hrs to 2300hrs every 20 minutes

 From Cais do Sodré to the airport - Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - from 0745 to 2310hrs every 25 minutes.

Times at intermediate stops are not shown in the timetable.

If travelling by  Aerobus, the only ticket available for the service is €3.15 and does offer discounts for Yellowbus sightseeing tours but no longer includes travel on the city buses.

Aerobus 2 runs as follows every day - service has been reduced since the metro opened. Journey time 25 minutes.

Airport - Av. José Malhoa Sul (via Entrecampos, Sete Rios and Praça Espanha) 0700 - 2000hrs Every 40 minutes, after 2000hrs every 60 minutes until 2300hrs
Praça Espanha - Av. José Malhoa Sul - Airport 0800 - 2030hrs - Every 40 minutes, after 2030hrs. every 60 minutes until 2330hrs

It also leaves from outside the arrivals hall. This route links the airport with the Financial District around Sete Rios (also for the bus and train stations plus many hotels) Avenida José Malhoa and the Praça de Espanha. The fare is also €3,15.  This route also uses special vehicles with extra luggage space

Aerobus 3 to / from Gare Oriente no longer operates. The metro red line runs every few minutes from the airport station to Oriente rail and bus station from 0600hrs  to 0100hrs every day.

When the airport bus does not run

The ordinary city buses numbers 744 and 783 have early journeys to and from the city centre from around 0530am weekdays and Saturdays, a little later on Sundays and Holidays.They serves most of the stops along the Aerobus 1 route but are slower.  Route 783 runs from the airport into the city until midnight every night.

There is a night bus (number 208) every 30 - 60 minutes every night between  the airport and the city centre between about 2340 and 0440 - see below for details.

City buses - normal daytime service buses

NB for bus tickets - all passes including day passes are now issued on rechargeable cards which cost 50 cents. Do not throw the card away, it can be reloaded at any time up to one year from issue or when it wears out. Therefore your first pass will cost 50 cents more eg €6.50 for the one day pass.

Single journey cash fare on all buses below is €1.85; there are various passes, carnets and pre-pay cards available for regular users.

There are four daytime city bus routes stopping at the airport. Below is a summary of the routes and times. All details can be checked in English at

There is a flat fare on the buses of €1,85. These are city buses and may not have space for very large baggage.

Route 705 to Roma - Areeiro railway station. Weekdays only from 0702 to 2032, about every 15 minutes at peak times, every 20 - 25 minutes at other times. Frequency is reduced in August.

Northbound this bus goes from the airport to Oriente railway and bus station but a very long way around - use the 744 below.

Route 722 to Praça Londres via Areeiro -

Weekdays about every 25 minutes from 0630 to 2100
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays about every 30 minutes from 0715 to 2100
Does not run on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays in August

Buses towards the airport are going to Portela. Last bus is at 2045hrs daily.

Route 744 to Marquês Pombal via Avenida do Brasil, Entrecampos and Saldanha

Weekdays every 15 / 20 minutes from 0551 to 2106
Saturdays about every 30 minutes from 0551 to 2056 no Saturday service in August
Sundays and Holidays about every 30 minutes from 0646 to 2056 no Sunday or Holiday service in August.

These buses start from the Oriente railway and bus station about 10 minutes before the times at the Airport.

Route 744 from Airport to Moscavide via Oriente railway and bus terminals - journey time to Oriente is about ten minutes.

Weekdays from 0641 to 2156
Saturdays from 0641 to 2156 no Saturday service in August
Sundays and Holidays from 0731 to 2141 no Sunday and Holiday service in August

These buses start from Marquês Pombal 26 minutes before the times at the airport.

Route 783 towards Amoreiras via Avenida do EUA, Entrecampos, Saldanha and Marquês Pombal

Weekdays every 10 / 20 minutes from 0530 until midnight
Saturdays and Sundays only as far as Marquês Pombal every 20 minutes on Saturdays, every 25 minutes on Sundays and Holidays from 0530 until midnight.

On weekdays and Saturdays the first two buses continue beyond Marquês Pombal down Avenida da Liberdade to Terreiro do Paço in the city centre.

Similar pattern of service from the city towards the airport from 0546 weekdays, 0550 Saturdays, 0640 Sundays until last bus at about 0015. Buses towards the airport will be going to either Prior Velho or Portela. At weekends all buses start from Marquês Pombal except the first two on Saturdays which come from Terreiro do Paço in the city centre.

Night bus

There is one all night bus at the airport, Route 208. This goes a long way around from the airport to the city centre via Alameda, Martim Moniz, Praça Figueira (near the Rossio station) and Praça Comércio to Cais do Sodré station. It does not go to the Entrecampos, Saldanha or Marquês Pombal areas served by the daytime routes.

Buses run every night at 2342, 0012, 0042, 0142, 0242, 0342, 0412 and 0442.

Buses from Cais do Sodré to Oriente via the Airport run every night at 0030, 0100, 0130, 0230, 0330, 0430, 0500 and 0535. Journey time to the airport is about 40 minutes.

Getting to the Railway Stations

Lisbon's GARE DO ORIENTE is about 3km / 1.5 miles from the airport. It is served by all long-distance trains to and from other parts of Portugal plus many local and suburban trains.The metro red line connects the airport and Gare Oriente every few minutes from 0600hrs to 0100hrs.

Bus 744 runs also between the airport and the Gare Oriente - see above.  Taxis are plentiful at the station if you need one to get to the airport.

Trains to Cascais start from the Cais do Sodré station in the city centre - take the Aerobus 1 or metro from the airport. Trains across the river to Pragal, Coina, Pinhal Novo and Setubal start from Roma-Areeiro but all stop at Entrecampos. Take the 744, 783 or Aerobus 1 to Entrecampos.

Most trains to Sintra start from the city centre Rossio station. Take Aerobus 1 or metro to Restauradores for Rossio station. At weekday rush hours there are also direct trains from Oriente station to Sintra - see - at other times you can take a train from Oriente and change en route to avoid going through the city centre.

Getting to the Bus Stations - long distance buses

There are three major bus terminals in Lisbon. NONE of the long-distance or suburban bus companies serves the airport direct, so you must always pass through a bus terminal on the way. Allow plenty of time.

  SETE RIOS bus terminal can easily be reached by Aerobus 2 or the metro to Jardim Zoológico station. The journey can take 20 - 30 minutes by bus, about 30 minutes by metro and a change of lines is needed.

  ORIENTE bus terminal is next to the railway station of the same name, see above for options.

  CAMPO GRANDE bus terminal for buses to Mafra, Ericeira etc is about 3km/ 1.5 miles away. There is no direct bus from the airport. 

  PRAÇA ESPANHA Many of the TST buses going over the river towards Pragal etc leave from Praça Espanha, where Aerobus 2 ends its run from the airport. Others leave from Oriente.