Obidos is named after its wall fortifications, so it is worth your time to stroll around the city limits and look at some of these well-preserved structures that lend such a medieval air to the small city. The gate and main entrance into the city, called the Porta da Vila, is located at the south end of Obidos.

As with any other major Portuguese town, Obidos has a main cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary called the Igreja de Santa Maria. This church dates back to the Middle Ages, when Portuguese Afonso Henriques first wrested control of Obidos from the Moors, who had owned much of the Iberian Peninsula since the fall of Rome. There is another, more recent church outside the city limits called the Santuário do Senhora da Pedro. Its architecture is more modern and its solitary presence upon a hill is quite imposing. The church’s construction began in 1740, but parts of it were not finished until the 1900s. Also take some time to see the castle, which serves as a pousada. It overlooks the town from the hill at the center of Obidos. Other interesting landmarks throughout the city are the ancient village stocks (where petty criminals were punished) and an old aqueduct.

Though many of Obidos’s streets remain narrow and cobblestoned, there are also more modern buildings in the small city. For example, in front of the medieval Igreja de Santa Maria, there is the Espaço Internet do Concelho de Obidos, a free city Internet access point.