Visitors frequently enjoy reading up about an area before they make it their travel destination.  This gives them a chance to get the skinny on what is going on in the area, what the weather will be like and where are the best places to go to do the activities they most enjoy.  Travelers interested in this type of research should check out the resources available at .

However, no matter how prepared for a trip one might be, things can come up in any place at any time.  Travelers often find that accommodations they learned about in guidebooks have closed since the books publication or attractions are priced differently than they were when the book was printed.  Because of this, most travelers find that it is important to make a stop at the local visitor’s center upon arrival at their travel destination.  The visitor’s center has access to the most updated information for all of one’s travel needs.

In Sintra, the visitor’s center is located in the heart of the city, on Praca de Republica.   It is open every day of the week, all throughout the year, exempting major international or national holidays.   During the busy summer season, the office is open from nine in the morning until eight at night.   During the rest of the year, it closes one hour earlier.