By plane:  Most travelers who fly to Portugal land at the international airport located in Lisbon and this tends to be true for Sintra visitors.  Additional information about arrival in Lisbon is available at .

Upon arrival:  Travelers will find that, upon arrival at the Lisbon airport, they can either rent a car or opt to take the bus or train on to Sintra. However the trains and buses do not leave from the airport itself, it is necessary to make your way to one of the places mentioned below.

Rental car:  The Lisbon Airport is home to the offices of several rental car companies.  Travelers leaving the airport by car will take the A1 Highway, following the signs until they see the exit to Sintra.

By bus:  There are few direct buses between Lisbon and Sintra as the train is much more efficient.  The VIMECA bus company provides service from various parts of Lisbon city (NB NOT from the airport) - but note the website is in Portuguese only.

By train:   In terms of convenience, the train is a far preferred method of getting from Lisbon's Rossio station to Sintra in comparison with the bus.   Trains leave Lisbon approximately four times each hour, every day and the ride between the two locations is about 40 minutes in duration. One-way fare is (June 2009) €1.70. Trains can also be taken from Oriente, Entrecampos and Sete Rios station in Lisbon. for more information.

For those planning to spend a day in and around Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais there is now available a one day Euro 12 travel combi travel pass which allows one to take a train to either Sintra, Cascais or Estoril and use SCOTTURB buses to make connections between the Stations.