The busiest time for tourism in Sintra is during the summer.  The majority of interesting events in the area also take place during the summer.  Whether the former causes the latter or the latter causes the former, it creates a situation in which many of the area’s big events are equally enjoyed by locals and travelers.

The most well known annual event is the Sintra Festival which is not a single event at all but actually a series of summer events which start in June and continue through August.  These are all musical events, taking place at a range of different locations, from local parks to the famous Palacio da Pena ( ).  There is approximately one event per week, although that number varies, and tickets generally cost somewhere between $20 and $30.  Travelers seeking updated information about the events of each Sintra Festival should make it a point to stop at the Sintra visitor’s center ( ) to discuss the details with their local customer service representative.

Other summer events in Sintra include a ballet festival which takes place each August and a national holiday celebration at the end of each June.  Nearby Sao Pedro also has a number of annual summer events, including the Feira Grande celebration which happens on the last day of July.