First time visitors must see the Palacio Nacional de Sintra, which stands noble with high white cone-shaped towers, rising from red-terracotta roofs buildings. Around this monument are lush trees and gardens. The ride up the mountain to the monument has much to appreciate as well, with mystical trees and shrubs next to peaceful streams. At the top of the hill, with views of the Sintra  Mountains and Pena Park, lies a castle that is right out of a childhood’s fantasy book. The castle was constructed in the first half of the 19th century over the ruins of a 15th century convent. It primary colors are a pale yellow and a rustic red, as well as some blues and grays. There are tressles and arches and towers, combining gothic architecture with its dramatic arches with Moors architecture with its towers and ornate designs. All of the structure is impressively preserved.


Right below lies the Sintra Mountains which were called ‘Mountain of the Moon’ and are believed to have supernatural, magic powers. One can simply feel like they are in a dream while looking down or wandering amidst this leafy terrain. There are little grottos and caves jutting out from the water, some hidden, some immense.