The Madeira Islands are a beautiful location where it hardly ever seems to rain and the temperatures stay moderate enough to enjoy the local beaches nearly all throughout the year.  For this reason, there is simply no really bad time to visit the area.

The average summer temperature is a comfortable seventy two degrees.  There may be some minimal humidity, but even with that humidity, the air simply does not feel that hot.  This makes it possible to enjoy not only the beaches but also the numerous other outdoor activities in the area.

The average winter temperature is not much colder than the days of summer, averaging just about ten degrees less in the coldest months than it did during the hottest months.  What is interesting in this area is that the temperature of the surrounding waters tends to almost exactly match the air temperature.  This means that during the winter months, the water temperature is approximately sixty degrees.  Since it does not feel colder than the air around it, travelers frequently enjoy swimming in this water even during the winter holidays.

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