There are two major airports in the Madeira Islands, one which is located on the main island (Madeira Island) near the capital city of Funchal and one which is located on the other large island of the region, Porto Santo.

Most travelers heading to the area from other parts of the world travel through the Madeira International Airport on Madeira Island.

Information about both of these airports is available on a single website ( to make travel to the area more convenient for visitors.

Many flights come through Lisbon, although there are direct flights from other places, such as London.

There are also commuter flights between the two airlines to make getting around the region easy.


The Madeira Islands, being islands, can also be reached easily by boat.

There are four different harbors in the area.

The two main ports which are used to reach the area are those in the capital city of Funchal and the main island of Porto Santo.

Ferries travel between these two large islands as well as to the smaller islands.

A ferry between the two islands takes approximately 2h30.

Many travelers arrive at Madeira Island via plane, spend time exploring that area and then ferry over to Porto Santo.