Although there are numerous places to do all different types of shopping during a trip to the Madeira Islands , there is one place which absolutely should not be missed.   That place is the Marcado dos Lavradores market located in the capital city of Funchal on the main island.   This is an open air market where visitors can not only do some shopping but will also have a chance to experience the local merchant culture of the modern day Madeira Islands .   Travelers can ho here to get handicrafts and souvenirs to take home to their family and friends.   They can also purchase local foods to enjoy while they are in the area.   See for more information.   Additional information about market and supermarket shopping can also be found at .

Visitors wondering what items to buy from other places in Madeira Islands should know that the most commonly purchased item is Madeira Wine.   Many people enjoy taking tours of the local wineries and do their purchasing of items at the vineyards during those tours.   See for more information.   Travelers also frequently have an interest in purchasing clothing during their stay in the area.   Funchal is the place for fashion; see for details.