Northern Portugal receives more rain than all other areas in Portugal , but that does not keep tourists and visitors away! During the spring months, tourists are able to see all of the foliage beginning to show signs of life with colorful flowers. Towards the summer when the weather gets hotter, the trees are filled with many different types of fruits native to this part of the world.

It can rain any month of the year in Northern Portugal , and it can be quite humid close to the coast. For the most part, the summers in Northern Portugal can be extremely hot and the winters can get cold. Specific weather and temperatures can vary depending on the altitude (lower altitudes are hotter than higher altitudes).

Because of the amount of rain and precipitation that Northern Portugal receives in comparison to Southern Portugal , the foliage and landscape is very different in the two places. The Northern part is much more green and lush.

Tourists do enjoy visiting Northern Portugal during all months of the year because there is plenty to do here year round. There are events and festivals, museums, monuments, and other attractions that can be visited no matter what month it is.