Portugal is a country with a good public transportation system. There are also taxis and rental cars available for anyone who does not want to deal with crowds of people on the trains, trams and buses.

Metro: There is a Metro light-rail system serving Porto and its suburbs, which also serves Porto Airport. Details at www.metrodoporto.pt

Tram:  The only trams still operating are three routes in Porto city centre. These use antique vehicles and are mainly for tourists.

Local Trains:  There are frequent local trains linking Porto with Braga, Guimaraes and Aveiro plus other smaller suburban towns. There is also the scenic route along the Dourao valley to Regua and Tua. Sadly, the narrow gauge branch lines are closed 'indefinitely' and early in 2010 it was announced that trains were also suspended on the eastern end of the Douro line between Tua and Pochino. Replacement bus service is provided in all cases.. Train times and details at www.cp.pt  ; for English version click on the flag icon at the top of the top next to where it says 'Acesso Rapido'. Local trains also operate between Porto, Viana de Castelo and Valenca but much less frequently than on the other routes.Two trains a day cross the border into Spain, running to and from Vigo.

Buses: Porto and its suburbs has a very efficient bus network. Ticketing is fully integrated with the metro and suburban rail systems. Bus information can be found at www.stcp.pt. Other towns and cities have local bus networks of varying quality. In the more rural areas, bus travel between towns is often difficult as many routes operate only two or three times a day and there is often no service at all at weekends.

 Here are details and links to some of the regional and local bus operators in the north of Portugal.

Copy the website address into your browser. Note that apart from the stcp site these are only in Portuguese.

STCP PORTO www.stcp.pt (English available) Porto city and suburbs

GONDOMARENSE www.gondomarense.pt City of Gondomar and buses between there and Porto

VALPI www.valpi.pt Penafiel and buses between there and Porto

REDE-EXPRESSOS - www.rede-expressos.pt  National consortium of medium and long distance bus companies for all of Portugal

 INTERNORTE - www.internorte.pt -  international connnections to Spain, France and beyond.

RODONORTE www.rodonorte.pt Medium and long distance interurban buses through the north of Portugal and to/from Lisbon

GRUPO JOALTO www.joalto.pt Medium and long distance interurban buses through the north of Portugal and to/from Lisbon

AUTO VIAÇÃO DO TAMEGA www.avtamega.pt/expressos.htm Porto - Chaves - Viseu - Braganca express service

TRANSDEV www.transdev.pt Local and regional buses in many areas including Braga, Guimaraes, Barcelos, Viseu, Vila Real etc

GRUPO AVIC EXPRESSOS http://www.avic.pt/conteudo/pdf/Horar... Porto - Viana do Castelo - Valenca fast buses

A V MINHO www.avminho.pt Local buses around Viana do Castelo, Póvoa de Varzim and Valença also fast buses between these places and Porto

GRUPO AVIC http://www.avic.pt/index.php?seccao=t... Local buses around Viana do Castelo also 'expressos' to and from Porto, Lisbon and  various destinations in the north-west of the country.

ARRIVA PORTUGAL  http://www.arriva.pt/horarios/ Interurban and local buses around Braga, Guimarães, Fafe, Barcelos, Vila da Conde and also buses from these places to/from Porto




AUTNA www.autna.com (Spanish company) oeprates a service north from Porto and the airport to Vigo, Spain.

 There are several other small bus companies in the region but these do not have websites. Most towns and cities have a bus station (Porto has several!) where you can find information.