There is the choice of flying, driving, train or bus (coach to UK readers).

The distance is about 314km / 195 miles city centre to city centre. From Porto Airport to Porto city centre it is about 13km / 8 miles further.


Flight time is about 50 minutes. Porto Airport is 13km /8 miles north of the city centre, easily reached by taxi, metro (underground) or from some areas also by bus. Lisbon Airport is about 30 minutes from the city centre by metro, Aerobus or taxi.

Two airlines offer services – TAP Portugal ( and low cost airline Ryanair – The price of a flight is highly variable!


Driving time in normal traffic is about 2hrs 45 minutes.

Tolls on the motorway / highway will be about 25 Euros in addition to the cost of fuel.


A mixture of fast Alfa Pendular and slower Intercity trains run between Porto and Lisbon On Weekdays and Saturdays there is a train about once each hour. Slightly fewer trains run on Sundays and Holidays. Trains run every day of the year.

The Alfa Pendular trains make the trip in 2hrs 45 minutes average, the Intercity trains take about 25 minutes longer.

Seat reservation is compulsory. Tickets can be bought up 60 days in advance at the official website and the process will be in English by clicking the little flag icon at the top of the page next to where it says 'Acesso Rápido'. Tickets are sent by email and / or SMS / text to a suitable phone.

Tickets purchased more than five days in advance are currently discounted at 40%. These cheap tickets are however not refunded if not used.

Sample one way fares (normal tariff) as of June 2014 :

ALFA Pendular 1st Class €42,40 2nd Class €32,30

Intercity 1st Class - €35,90, 2nd Class €24,30

Trains to Lisbon leave Porto from the Campanhã station, which is a little way to the east of the city centre.

Travellers can either take the connecting suburban train from the city centre São Bento station at no extra cost, or take the Porto metro from the city centre, airport etc but a separate ticket is needed. Taxis and buses are of course also available.

Lisbon has three railway stations at which the Porto trains arrive. Check which is best for your final destination. When buying a ticket you will need to enter the station name correctly or not all the trains will be shown.

ALL the trains from Porto stop at Lisbon – Oriente station. This is the closest to the airport, which is a few minutes only by metro or a short taxi ride. Oriente is about 10km / 6 miles from the city centre.

All but two of the daily trains end their journeys in the Lisbon city centre Santa Apolónia station. That station is easily accessible by metro, bus or taxi from all parts.

Two trains each day stop at Lisbon - Entrecampos Station after Oriente and do not call at Santa Apolónia. There are frequent local trains between Oriente and Entrecampos.

All the stations are connected by metro, suburban train and bus to all areas of the city.

Bus (coach to UK readers)

There are two companies oeprating between Porto and Lisbon. They use different terminals in Porto. Both are just outside the city centre.

The Rede-Expressos ( terminal is in Batalha, rua Alexandre Herculano, about 650 metres from the nearest metro stations at either São Bento or Bolhão according to direction. They have departures to Lisbon every 30 - 60 minutes throughout the day, every day. One way ticket is €20, the trip takes about 3hrs 30 minutes. Ticket purchase can be made in English. Be aware that Rede-Expressos do not refund or exchange tickets bought on line.

Renex use a small terminal at Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, well served by local buses. The nearest metro station is 600 metres distant at São Bento. Their website for times and fares is but intending users are warned that their website is only in Portuguese and currently they do not have on line ticket sales. Their one way ticket to Lisbon is €20, the trip takes about 3 hours 30 minutes and there are 10 to 12 departures every day.

Seat reservation is highly recommended. Long distance buses are especially busy on Friday and Sunday evenings (students travelling to and from Universities and Colleges) and also around major holidays. You can buy a ticket at the last minute but only if there are unsold seats.

In Lisbon, the two companies again use different terminals. Neither serves Lisbon airport direct.

RENEX use the Gare Oriente bus terminal, which next to the railway station and is the closest to Lisbon airport.

Rede-Expressos use the Sete Rios bus terminal. This is next to the Jardim Zoológico metro station to the north-west of the city centre and also the Sete Rios suburban railway station.  It is about 5km / 3 miles from the airport. Travellers heading for Lisbon airport can get there from Sete Rios by metro (change of line needed) or by the Aerobus Line 2. The latter is much less frequent and more expensive than the metro but is direct. For times see