Palacio da Bolsa

The Palacio da Bolsa is located at Rua de Ferreira Borges and this is the Stock Market Palace. There used to be a Convent of Franciscans in this place, but a fire in 1832 destroyed it. The building was started in 1842 and finished in 1891. The style of the building is Neoclassic. The most famous part of the building is the Arab Chamber, where the city holds official receptions. This salon was built between 1862 and 1880 and it clearly was inspired by the Alhambra in Granada. There is also the Patio Das Nações that has an iron glass roof that resembles a skylight where can see the coats of arms of countries that had commercial relations with Oporto. There is a Gold Room that has portraits of Kings of Portugal. Another feature of the building is the large grand staircase with two bronze chandeliers that hang from the cupola.