Dos Clerigos Church and Tower

The Dos Clerigos Church and Tower are located at Rua de São Filipe de Nery. The church and tower were built by the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni (1691-1773). He is buried in its crypt. He painted the main chapel of the Cathedral, and designed the façade of the Church of Misericordia and the Episcopal Palace. The construction of the church happened between 1732 and 1763. It was built for the Brotherhood of dos Clerigos Pobres. The façade of the church has the Baroque style and is profusely decorated. The central frieze above the windows shows symbols of worship and an incense boat. There is a monumental divided stairway in front of the church. The ground plan of the church is elliptical and it was one of the first baroque churches in Portugal to adopt a typical baroque elliptic floor plan. The main altarpiece is made of polychromed marble and its artist was Manuel dos Santos Porto.

Behind the Church of Dos Clerigos is its tower, which measures 76 meters high. The tower was built between 1754 and 1763. It was the tallest structure in Portugal in 1763. There are 225 steps to get to the top of its six floors. The design of the tower is Baroque and it was inspired by Tuscan campaniles.