Travelers often find it helpful to read about an area before a trip there.  Visitors interested in reading about Porto should check out the following books:

  • “Porto (Ulysses Travel Guide)” by Marc Rigole and Claude-Victor Langlois is a travel guide which highlights the history and architecture of the area.
  • Collins Portuguese Dictionary
  • 'Porto Advice' is the best way to get add free tips on the real city:
  • “Portuguese Homestyle Cooking” by Ana Patuleia Ortins is an excellent cookbook which can help travelers become accustomed to some of the local dishes of Porto before their trip.  It is also excellent for recreating some of the dining memories experienced on the trip once the travels are all over.
  • “Wine for Dummies” by Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan is recommended for Porto travelers because one of the major attractions in the area is the winery visits.  Travelers will want to have some idea of what they are going to discover in the area, so any visitor without wine knowledge should get some tips from this book before heading to the area.  
  • “The Man Who Broke Napoleon’s Codes” by Mark Urban is a novel which is partially set in the area, giving readers insight in to Porto from a more casual reading perspective.
Articles: The New York Times (November, 2011) "36 hours in Porto"